Plan and collaborate.

The project management tool for anyone who plans projects. Whether you’re a professional project manager working with non-professionals, someone managing a project without professional training, starting a business or planning a wedding, Webplanner is for you. It’s easy to use, with just the right professional features to give you and your team traction on day one. And keep the whole team going, to the finish line. On time. On budget.

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The cloud keeps everyone together

Webplanner has intuitive screens with easy navigability to encourage adoption by your whole team. Unlimited collaborators can join your projects, even with the free trial. Everyone you invite can create a free project of their own, too. For unlimited projects, file storage and document uploads, try the Professional version, with an annual or month-to-month subscription.

Brainstorm at the beginning

Let the Project Wizard guide you through a series of brainstorming questions to build goals, combat obstacles, assign tasks, reflect on similar projects, etc. so nothing is forgotten. Once you've gotten the hang of it, start from scratch, naming tasks and sub-tasks, re-arranging them with drag and drop to break your project down into manageable steps for others. You can also consult the project template library and use successful projects to make your own templates. Or upload an existing project from our desktop app, Project KickStart

A page-specific Advisor is available for you on every screen. So is a Feedback button, to let us know how to make the product keep getting better. And you can call or write to us.

Easy Gantt chart

Our Gantt chart offers an overview of your project in a timeline with dependencies. You can adjust everything and take advantage of an infinite number of tasks and subtasks. Click-and-drag directly on the chart to establish or change the start date, task dependencies, durations, and progress (% complete). View the chart in hours, days, weeks, months, or years, using your choice of date formats. See a critical path. Set holidays and work days. Adjust all columns and export the chart for others to see. Assign tasks to as many team members as you want. Find comments and attached documents right next to the Gantt chart.

Stay on top of everything

Stay on top of everything. On the Overview page for the project, see approaching tasks for the whole team or for each participant. The center column shows recent activity with completed and assigned tasks, comments from other members of the team and newly attached documents. A click takes you to the page where anything occurred. The pie-chart visually displays which portions of the project are completed, approaching, and overdue, at a glance.

Use any standard date format you like. Even international ones. Set regular days/hours, holidays, and extra work days, according to your team’s schedule. Set user permissions for each team member, as owner, editor, reader, or client. Assign tasks to as many team members as you want.

Issue reports in Excel, Word, PDF, or plain text for Tasks (cost and last comment optional); Individual Assignments; Phases, Goals, Team & Obstacles; Comments, and a Cost Report. Or, export to Project KickStart for additional export access to Microsoft Project, Outlook, or ACT.

Comments & dialog

Create task-specific and attachment-specific comment threads, reply to others' comments, and of course, create a general comment thread for the project as a whole. And don’t forget the Feedback button on every screen, so you can send comments to us. Plus the Contact Us form on this site, too.

Import contacts from Outlook, including name, email, company, title, phone, and avatar (or profile photo). This will make it faster to add people to projects because their names autofill when you start typing.


Your data is secure. With https for every screen, your sessions are protected. Set user permissions to control how much of your project each person can see or edit. Customize Webplanner's autosave settings to ensure that your data is always safe.

Email notifications

The Approaching Tasks column on the Overview page has check boxes so you can instantly update everyone by email when a task is completed. Each team member customizes thier own notification settings, choosing to get them for their own assigned tasks, for the project as a whole, or to get no project email notices at all.

Webplanner pricing follows this simple chart. Please contact us for volume, educational and non-profit discounts. 800 678 7008 x1


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