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Well it's been a long month, but we're happy to announce that we've completed the first phase of Webplanner.com's transition from Silverlight. At the beginning of October we introduced the HTML5 version of our online project management service, but we had to keep the Silverlight site around for another month to facilitate the transition for existing subscribers.

Now that we've fazed out the Silverlight site, we've been able to bring the application server and the database server under one roof, and increase the performance by tenfold. Yes, you read that right, it's actually 10x faster than before!

If you haven't test driven Webplanner.com yet, please sign up for a trial, and enjoy an easy-to-use online project management service that also integrates with Act! and Outlook. Enjoy collaborating with anyone, anywhere, on any platform or device.

Nov 3, 2018

Webplanner upgrade scheduled for this weekend - BIG performance improvement

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As we announced at the beginning of October, the Silverlight version of Webplanner.com was discontinued last night, and we’re moving ahead with strictly the HTML5 version of our online project management service.

We announced the release of Webplanner HTML5 version on October 3rd, and advised all Silverlight subscribers to migrate their projects over to the new platform before the start of November so that we could phase out the data servers those relied on.

The reason we had to do this in two stages was because the new application servers are thousands of miles apart from the current database servers, and we could not move them together until Silverlight was out of production. The short term implication of this setup was performance – Webplanner.com was needlessly slow because the two servers were just too far apart.

Nov 1, 2018

The new Webplanner is HERE

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It’s taken most of the year, but we’re happy to announce the release of the new Webplanner.com, the award winning online project management tool for anyone who plans projects. Now available in HTML5, Webplanner.com works on most platforms, including PC and MAC, as well as Android and IOS mobile devices.

The implications of this change for our subscribers are exciting:

  • Users will now be able to manage webplanner through just about any browser on any platform
  • MAC, PC, and mobile platforms are now supported
  • If you use Act! CRM, you now have both contact and calendar integration to save you time and improve your teams efficiency
  • Existing project files made in the Silverlight version of Webplanner will open seamlessly within the new HTML5 version
  • Current Webplanner subscribers get a free tier upgrade (a $60/user/year value!)

Why is this a big deal?
When Keystroke first acquired Webplanner in late 2016 from Experience in Software, this project management platform was written in the deprecated Microsoft Silverlight technology. While fast and intuitive, support for this technology began to dwindle as browsers started dropping burdensome plugins back in 2014 in favour of the HTML5 format, which had more cross platform support and was mobile friendly. 

Oct 24, 2018

Webplanner Phase 1 is complete, Phase 2 begins today

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It's been a long 9-month process to modernize the Webplanner platform to contemporary HTML5 format, but that stage is finally complete. On Wednesday, October 3rd we announced the launch of this updated service, and the response has been great, but it should be understood that this is only the first stage of a two step process.

Webplanner was originally architected to have two separate servers, one database server for the project data and a separate application server that the subscribers interfaces with. This structure serves two purposes - the first is to keep the user data safely offline and accessible only by the application server, and the second is to allow for easier updates, like the one we completed recently, to one server at a time for minimal disruption.

Phase One
Last week signaled the completion of the first stage, with the introduction of a new application server to the mix called https://beta.webplanner.com, which will eventually replace the existing one hosting the Silverlight edition of Webplanner. If this seems confusing, it's simply because we now temporarily have three servers - two application and one database server. Over the next few months we plan to deprecate the Silverlight server, and return back to two.

Oct 24, 2018